Equinox Legal Solutions Reviews

Equinox legal Solutions wanted to take the time to thank some of the many clients who shared
there feedback and gave us such incredible reviews.

"Equinox was the best!"
- Tyler T

"Grateful for Summer she was helpful..."
- Lori M.

"I trusted ELS and so glad I did they are the best!"
- David B.

"Everyone was a pleasure to deal with for the entire process."
- Mario H.

"No words can describe the gratitude I have for the team at Equinox Legal Solutions!"
- Angela A.

"Professional, honest and Punctual."
- Jerry F.

"I would recommend them to my own family!"
- Tomika V.

"Understood my goal and achieved the desired result."
- Daniel S.

"Although skeptical I trusted and so glad I did."
- Gabrial N.

"They be good people and be legit"
- Rodney H

"Amanda is why I gave 5 stars she deserves all credit!"
- Lorenda J.

"Happy to review and say thank you for everything!"
- Brenda C

"Truly perfect experience I would use them again and again."
- Susan Z.

"Worked with John he got the job done!"
- Erin D

"Ethical and straight forward company who made it happen!."
- Frankie V

"100% across the board."
- Eddie J.

"Good people deserve credit and ELS did the job well!"
- Heidi P.

"Fortunate to have found them they delivered!"
- Eileen L

"Extremely pleased with Alvin at Equinox. He helped my family so much!"
- Tina G

"Provided Clarity during a very confusing and stressful situation."
- Otis J

"Professional staff that got the job done right."
- Ron D

"Thank you Equinox from the bottom of my heart."
- Joan F

"Thank you and god bless."
- Debra M

"I had my doubts but trust me its worth it!"
- Marjorie J

"Praises for Equinox!"
- Paula F

"These guys are real pros!"
- Beverly B

"Many thanks to the kind folks at Equinox!"
- Nathanial S

"Thanks to Equinox, I still have my sanity!"
- Florence V

"I'm so grateful for their help Bless you Equinox!"
- Renee R

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